Occupied: Imported barley causes death in sheep and goats

Why sheep and goats die from barley - What Mr. Naimogloulari says

ImageHandler 2 sheep and goats, Occupied

Due to excessive and incorrect use of imported barley, the deaths of sheep and goats in the occupied areas have increased in recent years, according to the president of the association of producers and animal breeders, Mustafa Naimogloulari.

According to the GTP, in a statement to the Cyprus Post, Mr. Naimogloulari said that while some of the breeders claimed that the cause of death was due to the toxin in the imported barley, the cause of death was the poor and excessive use of imported barley, which has high protein and energy value. However, he noted that the only way is to feed with imported barley, because the cost prices of other products are high.

Mr. Naimogloulari stated that there was an increase in animal deaths because farmers were not informed about the use of imported barley by the "livestock department", the "veterinary department" and the "agricultural products authority" which imports barley.