Occupied: They sold a third of the land to foreigners-Voices of farmers

Farmers in the occupied territories now rent land from foreigners

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The newspaper Kıbrıs (23.01.23) writes that the "farmers' union" reported that agricultural land in the occupied territories is being sold to citizens of third countries other than Turkey and the "TRNC" and noted that if the situation continues "we will not be able to defend our lands ».

Speaking to the newspaper, the chairman of the "farmers' union", Mehmet Nizam, said that while the agricultural land is in the hands of local people, at the moment producers have started to rent much of the land from companies or from citizens of foreign countries. He noted that a third of the land was sold to third-country nationals and is rented to producers in dollars, euros or sterling.

Nizam said that buildings are being built in cultivated areas and farmers are losing 10-15 acres every year and if this building development is not stopped soon, they will not be able to find land to cultivate in 5-10 years.

"The right to the territories is given to citizens of third countries other than Turkey and the TRNC. We will come to the point where we will not be able to defend our country", he said, adding that the agricultural lands in the occupied territories are being turned into concrete every day.

Arguing that land is being sold to third-country nationals at low prices, Nizam noted that thinking they are contributing to the economy of the "hour" they are selling land for £3,000 to £10,000.

Source: Press and Information Office