Held: Promotion of "bill" favoring casino licensing

The way is opened for uncontrolled licensing of casinos and hotels in the occupied territories

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The "government" in the occupied territories is promoting in the "parliament" an amendment to the "law" on gambling which will pave the way for uncontrolled licensing of casinos or even hotel-casinos, T/C newspapers report today.

According to the GTP, the matter was raised by the "MP" of the RTK, Debrim Barchin, with a post on the MKD, where he announced that the "bill" introduces the right to grant unlimited casino licenses. He noted that while the casino operator must be a tenant of the entire facility under current "law," after the "bill" is passed, he can only rent the casino hall and operate his business.

Mr. Barchin added that while currently casino licenses are granted to a maximum of 5 establishments, apart from the "Tourist Investment Zone" in occupied Vokolida, the bill provides the right to grant unlimited casino licenses and will be able to grant licenses to open casino hotels that have a marina by reducing their bed capacity from 500 to 300. While the casino license and operating license are granted for 3 years, he continued, this period is set to increase to 10 years with the so-called bill.