Occupied: He was begging with an infant who had given him drugs

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The "competent authorities" are concerned about the increase in the number of beggars in the occupied territories, especially women who use children and infants for more profit, according to today's front page of the Turkish Cypriot newspaper "Havantis".

As reported, a group of beggars traveling in occupied Kyrenia and Nicosia now made their appearance in occupied Lefka, while special reference is made to an incident in which a bus transported women to Lefka, gave them to an infant and left them there for hours without water and food, resulting in one of the babies having a serious health problem.

According to the report, the woman with the baby was located by a citizen and taken to hospital, where it was found that the baby was given drugs to stay calm and not disturb, while there are suspicions that the baby does not belong to the woman who was holding it.

Source: KYPE