He got off to see damage to his vehicle, was swept away by a passing vehicle

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Very serious traffic happened at 11:45 on the Nicosia - Limassol highway, in the direction of Limassol, at the height of Moni.

According to the first information from the Police, a driver stopped his vehicle on the side of the highway as he found that his car was mechanically damaged.

During the inspection of his vehicle, at an unsuspecting moment, he was abducted by a passing vehicle, as a result of which he was seriously injured.

According to the police in a statement:

Due to the traffic, in the area of ​​Agios Georgios Alamanos, the traffic lanes to Limassol are closed. The traffic is channeled on the old road Nicosia - Limassol, from the exit of Agios Georgios Alamanos.

Drivers are urged to be extremely careful, to drive at low speeds and to maintain safe distances from oncoming vehicles.

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