Delay in the arrival and delivery of postal items

Read the information from the Cyprus Post

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An announcement was issued by the Post Office informing the public about possible delays in the arrival of parcels from abroad.

The public is informed that due to the spread of the coronavirus, the airlines have reduced their flights to and from Cyprus and therefore, there is expected to be a delay in the arrival of postal items, while problems are expected to be created in the outgoing post.

In particular, the Cyprus Post has been informed by the German Post that due to the accumulation of a large volume of items at Frankfurt Airport, they will be sent alternatively by ship, as it is currently impossible to manage and promote them by air.

Furthermore, the Cyprus Post Office makes every effort to process in full all the incoming mail volume, which is expected to increase in anticipation of the Christmas holidays.

The Cyprus Post will monitor the developments and will provide frequent information to the public.

Source: KYPE