KEBE: Educates and opens doors to young men and women - Sectors it concerns

New business and employment opportunities in innovative and sustainable agricultural sectors

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Living in an era where entrepreneurship has become a difficult puzzle and its traditional sectors face subjective and objective difficulties, new business and employment opportunities have begun to emerge in innovative and sustainable agricultural sectors.

Such sectors, which are currently promoted internationally and promoted by the European Union, are organic agriculture, sustainable food processing, aquaponics and hydroponics.

For the development of these branches in Cyprus as well, the KEBE offers free training to young people, who are interested in engaging in these innovative activities.

Already, KEBE has organized two events to inform young people and women as well as businesses active in the agriculture and food processing sectors to register and attend the training.

The entire educational program was developed within the framework of the participation of the KEBE in the European CLUSTER project, co-financed by the European ENI CBC Mediterranean Basin program.

The program aims to increase employment opportunities in sustainable industries and offers free learning, through online education, on-site training, corporate social responsibility (CSR) coaching sessions and internships (for a fee).

It is worth noting that the development of these sectors is also promoted by the Government through the Long-Term Strategy "Vision 2035", which aims to transition to a new economic model aimed at the long-term sustainability, competitiveness and resilience of the Cypriot economy.

According to a recent briefing given by the Economy and Competitiveness Council to the Minister of Agriculture Mr. P. Xenophontos, this Strategy aims to increase productivity, strengthen the activity of the primary and secondary sectors and transition to a green economy. Special emphasis was made by the President of the Economy Council and

Competitiveness Mr. T. Cleridis in the promotion and use of agrotechnology, which is very important for the development of the agricultural sector. For his part, Mr. Xenophontos pointed out that one of the objectives of the Ministry is to promote important actions in order to "convince young people to stay in the agriculture sector".

Based on the above, it is clear that the program promoted by the KEBE is consistent not only with the goals of the European Union, but also with the priorities of the Cypriot government.

Source: KYPE