Stuck COVID in hospital and died - Relatives in wards while banned

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A letter was sent to OKYPY by a woman who lost her 77-year-old father, who entered the hospital negative for the virus, however, she contracted Covid -19 and succumbed.

According to a publication of "Phileleftheros", OKYPY, responding to the letter, indirectly admits that relatives of patients enter the wards of the General Hospital of Nicosia from unspecified entrances.

The 77-year-old daughter states in her letter to the Minister of Health that her father went to the TAEP of the Nicosia General Hospital on 24.12.2020, as he suffered from intestinal disorders and abdominal pain.

After undergoing a molecular test for COVID19, which was negative, he was transferred to Pathological A for further examination, as liver lesions were detected by ultrasound.

On 02.01.2021, one of the other three patients who were treated in the same room as her father, was diagnosed positive for coronavirus.

"This patient, as my father had told me immediately after the phone call, had received a visit from a relative in the previous days. My father then underwent a series of antigen tests with negative results, but four days later, on 06.1.2021, he was diagnosed positive for the virus after a molecular test. He was isolated in a room inside the Pathological Hospital, where he remained for four days, until noon on Sunday 10.1.2021, when he was transferred to the special ward Covid (Urological). "In the evening of the same day, his intubation was deemed necessary and at 1 in the early hours of Monday, January 11.01.2021, XNUMX, he passed away", says his daughter.

She wonders how it is possible that relatives were allowed to enter a patient ward, in violation of the decrees.

He even cites rumors that some relatives of patients had secured the ward code and entered it undisturbed.

At the same time, she wonders why her father and the other two patients were not isolated, as they were in close contact. According to her, the question arises why when her father was found positive for the virus he was not immediately transferred to the special ward COVID, but also with what logic it was announced in the news that on 11.01.2021 77-year-old died due to Covid who was hospitalized in the ICU of Nicosia General Hospital , having been transferred there just a few hours earlier.

According to the newspaper, OKYPY responded to the letter six months later, noting, among other things, that "the visit during your father's hospitalization was prohibited. Unfortunately, there are reports of relatives entering the wards from undefined entrances. When they were identified, recommendations were made for immediate departure from the clinic. In some cases, the police have also been called. "

Speaking to SigmaLive about the case, OKYPY Spokesman Charalambos Charilaou said, "We believe that we handled the issues of nosocomial infection very well, so we did not have enough cases. With the admission of a patient to the hospital, PCR is performed, but this does not mean that he can not be positive in the following days and be asymptomatic. This also applies to visitors who may have a Safe Pass, but become positive in the following days and are asymptomatic. The same goes for the staff. "

"Certainly the effort was not to have such incidents at all. It's sad. "Finding ways to trick the system into getting into the hospital is reprehensible," he said.

Source: Sigmalive