A hooded man fired shots at a cafe in Larnaca

"3-4 shots were fired at a cafe in Larnaca"

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A number of gunshots, by a man, with his face covered, were fired on Monday night in a glass shop window of a cafe in Larnaca, without injuring any of those in the area.

As Spiros Chrysostomou, press representative of the Larnaca Police Department, reported to KYPE, "around 21.30:3 p.m. last night, 4-XNUMX shots were fired at a cafe in Larnaca. Members of the TAE of Larnaca went to the scene and from the investigations so far and the examination of the closed circuit monitoring, it was found that the shots were fired by a person, who had his face covered, against the glass facade of the building".

He added that "at the time the shots were fired there were patrons but no one was injured by the shots. The owner of the cafe reported to the police that he does not suspect anyone of firing the shots."

As stated by Mr. Chrysostomou "it seems that the aim of the attacker was to cause intimidation and not to injure any person, since the shots were fired at the glass showcase of the building and not at the people who were in the area".

Even from the Police examinations it was established that "the shots were fired with a pistol. The scene was cordoned off and guarded throughout the night, while tests will also be carried out today by the Criminal Investigation Service of the Police Headquarters."

He also noted that "the Police are expected to receive statements today from the owner of the cafe and the patrons who were present at the time of the shots being fired in the area. Also, other closed surveillance circuits in the area will be taken and examined, in order to identify the perpetrator".

The case is being investigated by the Larnaca Police Department.