Kousios: The establishment of the minimum wage is a great social achievement

The establishment of the minimum ranks Cyprus in the list of advanced countries

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The Minister of Labor and Social Insurance Kyriakos Kousios characterized the establishment of the National Minimum Wage as a great social achievement.

Speaking at the commemoration of the former Director General of the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance, Miki Sparsis, he said that the establishment of the National Minimum Wage "became successful after a long but productive dialogue with the social partners, but also due to the strong will of the President himself of the Republic for the implementation of an institution that strengthens the effort for social justice and ranks our country in the list of advanced European countries".

"If Mikis Sparsis were among us today, it is certain that his composed and in-depth thinking would indicate to all of us that the establishment of the National Minimum Wage was imperative. It would also explain how the social partners will be able, through institutional processes and in the context of social dialogue, to monitor and adapt the evolution of the National Minimum Wage, which, by all accounts, provides a minimum safety net in relation to the earnings of tens thousands of workers", he added.

On behalf of the State and the entire Cypriot people, he expressed gratitude for the long-term and invaluable contribution of Mikis Sparsis, "a worthy fellow citizen of ours, who served the public service and our Cyprus tirelessly, selflessly and with integrity".

Mr. Kousios said that Mikis Sparsis "without a doubt, offered invaluable services to the Cypriot State and to our country in general and who rightly earned everyone's appreciation, recognition and respect".