Cots on public beaches: The provisions of the law and the prices

What percentage can be used on public beaches by people who do not rent beds and umbrellas

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In view of the summer, the question arises as to what percentage can be used the public beaches by people who do not rent beds and umbrellas from the Municipality.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, there is relevant legislation for the beds and umbrellas that are for rent by the Municipality.

According to the relevant legislation, the local authority must leave 50% of the beach empty of beds and rental umbrellas, for its free use by the public. The empty space can be located along or across the beach.

The legislation also stipulates that the placement of rental services should be done in a proportion of 16 square meters available for each umbrella with two beds.

Competent and direct body for the management of the beach is the Local Authority (Municipality / Community) which has the responsibility for the elaboration of the Beach Use Plan, the licensing of the Beach Service Providers (beds and umbrellas), the licensing of the Providers water sports) as well as conducting any other activities and projects on the beach.

Superior authority in the management of the beach has the District Administration.

Regarding the organization of Beach Party or other events on the beach, you definitely need permission from the Local Authority within which the beach is located. One of the basic conditions usually for the local authorities to grant permission to organize any event is the cleaning / restoration of the beach to its original condition by the organizers.

Speaking to SigmaLive, the Chairman of the Beaches Committee, Loizos Loizou, stated that according to the plan of the local authority, 50% is used by the Municipality and the remaining 50% is for free attendance.

Asked about the prices of beds and umbrellas, he said that the maximum price per piece is 2,50 euros.