Kyperounta: Tourists were trapped with their vehicle in the snow

Czech citizens were trapped in a rented vehicle in Kyperunda

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Czech citizens, who were trapped in a rented vehicle in Kyperunda, have just been released, the Civil Defense said in a statement.

The vehicle of the Czechs, who are in Cyprus for vacation, was stopped in an area with heavy snow in Kyperounta.

Residents of the area contacted the Civil Defense and informed about the incident, and the service took the necessary steps. In cooperation with the Limassol District Administration and the Community Council, it was possible to release the vehicle.

The residents of Kyperunda, proving once again feelings of solidarity and humanity, offered temporary hospitality and food to our Czech fellow human beings, the relevant announcement states.

The Czech citizens, who are in good health, expressed their warm thanks to the Civil Defense, but also to all those who rushed to help them. They have already departed for Paphos Province, as tomorrow morning they depart from Cyprus with a scheduled flight.