A Cypriot complains of sexual abuse at the age of 15 by Lignadis

What he mentioned on a Greek show

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Another allegation of sexual abuse with alleged director and actor Dimitris Lignadis coming to light comes to light.

According to the Star, this time, a 23-year-old boy from Cyprus originally complained on a Greek show that he was a victim of Mr. Lignadis in 2013, when the director was on the island for a theatrical performance he was directing. The young man was then 15 years old.

As he told Petros Kousoulos, he never overcame his traumatic experience: today he is experiencing severe panic attacks, while his parents do not know what he has been through.

In the coming days he is expected to give a new deposit to the authorities.

"He took me to a dark room and told me to have a massage"

According to the 23-year-old who loved the theater, on February 13, 2013 he went to the theater to see the play directed by Mr. Lignadis. He was sitting in the third row, when during the show he felt an older man staring at him. He did not pay attention and continued to watch the project.

When the show ended and leaving the venue, he felt a touch on his shoulder. Turning to see who he is, he saw Mr. Lignadis whom he did not know until that moment. The famous actor introduced himself to him and told him that he is the director of the show. The child was excited since it was the first time he met a well-known director up close.

Mr. Lignadis then, according to the child, suggested that they go to a quieter place to talk. The only thing he remembers is that it was a dark place with little light, a place that, according to information, had been temporarily granted for accommodation by the theater to Mr. Lignadis.

There the director reportedly told him that he could become a very good actor and that it would help him make important acquaintances. The situation, however, did not take long to escape: the famous director allegedly asked the 15-year-old to give him a massage because he seemed "tight" and then sexually abused him.

Source: Star.gr