Cyprus: 16-year-old offered a pistol to minors – It turned out to be plastic

The 16-year-old suspect was brought before the Court today

Screenshot 6 5 JUVENILE, gun

The Paphos District Court issued a three-day detention order against a 16-year-old who resides in a juvenile facility in Paphos to facilitate investigations in relation to an investigated case of carrying weapons to incite terror and threats.

According to the Assistant Police Director of Operations of Paphos Michalis Nikolaou, on May 11 it was reported to the TAE Paphos by two minors aged 14 and 16, who live in the juvenile structure, that the previous night around 03:00 another tenant of the structure, aged 16 years old, illegally entered their room and, holding a gun, demanded from one of them to exchange mobile phones.

The next day the 16-year-old was arrested on a warrant and a search of his room turned up a handgun, which turned out to be plastic. The 16-year-old suspect was brought before the Paphos District Court on Monday and a detention order was secured against him for a period of three days.