Cyprus / 2022 images of shame: Apartment buildings ruins in the mold (VIDEO)

Apartment building where 50 people live in miserable conditions - Residents cry out in despair about the condition of the apartment building - The indifference of the state

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Images of shame were recorded by SIGMA's camera in the historic refugee district of Omonia, on Chekhov and Sarandaporou streets in Limassol.

Specifically, in an apartment building where 50 people live, there are miserable conditions with the residents expressing a cry of despair for the condition of the apartment building but also for the indifference of the state.

The Chairman of the Refugee Committee, Nikos Kettiros, was present at the scene, who told SIGMA that the same picture exists in many settlements in Cyprus. "Imagine how the residents spent last night in a building without insulation."

He added that the building has a lot of moisture and mold. "Apart from the Limassol showcase, there are also these houses," he said.

Mr. Kettiros informed the competent authorities who will visit the district, while the installation of elevators in these districts is planned.

Mr. Dimitris, a resident of the area told SIGMA that due to the sewer there is a stench, mosquitoes and the residents can not sleep.
He added that they can not sit outside on their terrace, while every 10 days they bring a tanker to clean the sewer. "Some things that only happen we know," he said.

For his part, Mr. Kettiros added that the Government's refugee policy is non-existent. "This is confirmed by the residents living in the refugee settlements," he added.

He stressed that he had a meeting with the Director of Urban Planning where he acknowledged the problem and was given time to present proposals to the Refugee Committee.

He complained that public officials had expressed concern that issues were being raised with the Commission concerning certain individuals. "Some people are sitting behind their desks and they do not care what is happening around them", added Mr. Kettiros.

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