OSIKA: "In July,… reached 50% of the number of visits to leisure centers" at satisfactory levels "

Call on Cypriots to support the food industry


July is characterized as satisfactory by the Federation of the Association of Leisure Center Owners in terms of traffic, according to its president Neophytos Thrasyvoulou, although it does not exceed 50%, except for some areas that are considered "key" areas, where people move more.

In his statements to the Cyprus News Agency, the president of OSIKA Neophytos Thrasyvoulou stated that July was at satisfactory levels with the departure of the Cypriots and the programs implemented by the Ministry of Tourism, with the fullness reaching 50% compared to the previous ones. months when traffic was limited.

He added that the programs will continue in August, because the traffic of domestic tourism is expected to increase, as he said.

He wished that more Cypriots remain in their place and that they move to leisure centers so that the food industry can be supported.

We call on the Cypriots to support the food industry and the entrepreneurs to offer the best possible quality.

In September, he continued, hopes turned to the British market. However, he expressed moderate optimism until that day, since the epidemiological data are fluid.