CYPRUS: 3rd pan-European in the consumption of alcohol by MINORS


Cyprus is ranked 3rd in Europe (among 47 countries) in the consumption of alcohol by minors, with increasing trends among underage girls, according to data from various surveys conducted both pan-European (ESPAD) and local, according to a statement from the Pancyprian Confederation Education.

He also notes that according to surveys, minors consume more than 5 drinks at each outing and that according to a survey conducted by the University of Cyprus on behalf of the Cyprus Addiction Treatment Authority, out of the 200 alcohol establishments visited, only 11 requested age data from the buyer, while the remaining 189 did not request any identification.

"The reality is even more tragic, with incidents increasing in frequency, but also danger, while reducing the age at which children begin to consume alcohol. A tragic account of this frantic course is the death of a minor student and the imminent death of another minor. "As a society, we have once again failed to protect our children from any danger and once again we have appeared inferior to the circumstances," the statement said.

He points out that "unfortunately all these facts do not seem to worry us as parents to the extent that we realize that our children's lives are in immediate danger and to act vigorously, requiring the competent authorities to act without further delay and take whatever measures needed to eliminate this dangerous phenomenon.

Establishments sell alcohol and tobacco uncontrollably, without being controlled by anyone. Recreation centers allow the entry and consumption of alcohol by minors, without any hesitation, blatantly violating the law, the Confederation notes.

He adds that “the minors themselves organize parties in recreation centers with a predetermined entrance fee which provides them with free and unlimited access to alcohol consumption, without any control, until 3-4 in the morning and we do not do anything about it. Instead, we allow our children to participate in them! ”

"Particularly worrying aspect, which highlights the huge responsibility of us parents, are the parties that are organized at home. There, the consumption of alcohol is done with the consent, tolerance and applause of the parents themselves, since the parents themselves supply the alcohol consumed by the children ", it is mentioned and the parents are called to be vigilant, to act, to protect and to complain .

The responsibility is first ours and then we must demand from the State to implement those measures that will eliminate this phenomenon that is getting worse. "This is our mission and responsibility as parents and no one can take it on for us," the Confederation notes.

Source: KYPE