Cyprus: Instead of healthy same-sex twins, they gave birth to a baby boy with Down syndrome and a baby girl

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A 23-year-old couple from Limassol who gave birth to their twin children a month ago is being taken to court by the Makareio Hospital and the Preventive Pediatric Center. The story is brought to light by the newspaper "Politis".

According to the parents' complaint, throughout the pregnancy their doctors had informed them that the two fetuses were in the same amniotic sac and therefore would be of the same sex.

Eventually the embryos were in different bags and one was a boy and the other a girl. In fact, the little boy was diagnosed with Down syndrome.

The parents asked for explanations from the doctors without getting satisfactory answers, while they asked for a DNA test to make sure that they are their own children.

This was not accepted by the doctors who refused to hand over the medical file to the parents.

The parents intend to sue for medical negligence, while in a letter through their law office to Makareio Hospital and the Center for Preventive Medicine, they ask for the protection of the medical file until it is delivered to the parents.


Source: Reporter