CYPRUS: He did not sell him a gun and entered his shop with the double cabin - Handcuffs on a 26-year-old

A 26-year-old man was arrested yesterday by the Police, in order to facilitate the investigations into investigated cases, committed in the previous days.

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A 26-year-old man, resident of Paphos, was arrested yesterday by the Police, in order to facilitate the investigations related to investigated cases, committed in the previous days, in Paphos. The offenses being investigated against the 26-year-old, include, among others, three burglaries and thefts, car theft and causing malicious damage.

The cases were reported yesterday to the Police by three residents of Paphos, who reported that between the dates 6 and 7 April 2021, unknown persons broke into their premises and stole various items, as well as a car.

Specifically, between the above dates, the 68-year-old's house in Paphos was broken into, as a result of which a mobile phone, a sum of money and the owner's car were stolen from it.

The second complaint concerns the burglary of a warehouse, located in the yard of a house in Paphos, from which a lawn mower was stolen. While the third complaint concerns the burglary of a sewing workshop, also in Paphos, from where various electronic devices were stolen.

He was also reported to the Police, by an owner of an armory, in Paphos, that yesterday morning, an unknown man went to his house and demanded from the complainant to sell him a shotgun. After the complainant refused, the stranger allegedly went to the complainant's armory, which is adjacent to the house, and caused damage to his wooden door, using agricultural tools.

According to the complaint, after the stranger failed to break the door, he left the scene. He returned, however, a little later, driving a double-cab vehicle, with which he allegedly crashed into the display case of the armory, causing various damages. The stranger then left the scene, driving the car in an unknown direction.
A police investigation revealed that the double-cab vehicle used by the perpetrator was the one that was stolen from the 68-year-old's house the night before. The vehicle was found later that day abandoned, in an open space in Paphos.

From the continuation of the examinations, a testimony was secured against a 26-year-old resident of Paphos, against whom an arrest warrant was issued. The 26-year-old was located yesterday afternoon at his home. He was arrested on a warrant and remanded in custody to facilitate investigations.

TAE Paphos and Polis Chrysochous Police Station are investigating the above cases.