CYPRUS: Two deaths, 242 new cases and 180 positive rapid tests

Deaths of two of our fellow human beings aged 72 and 89 - A total of 7,218 coronavirus tests

Screenshot 2020 04 02 18.18.07 Coronavirus

The Ministry of Health announces that today, December 20, 2020:

- Two people have died from the disease COVID-19, bringing the total number of deaths to 91.

- 125 patients COVID-19 28 of whom are in serious condition.

- A total of 7,218 disease detection tests have been performed, of which 1,831 by the molecular method (PCR) and 5,387 by the rapid antigen detection method (rapid test).

- 242 new cases of the disease were identified and confirmed by molecular tests (PCR), raising the total number of cases at 17,718. The 242 include 149 verifications from rapid tests of the previous days.

- In 180 cases from the rapid antigen test (rapid test) there was a positive result, which should be verified by the molecular method (PCR).

The current results are detailed.

A. Deaths from the disease COVID-19:

The two people who died with the ultimate cause of death being attributed to the disease COVID-19, relate to:

- A 72-year-old man with underlying diseases, who was treated at the General Hospital of Nicosia.

- A woman, 89 years old, with underlying diseases, who was treated at the Limassol General Hospital.

Therefore, the total number of deaths with the ultimate cause of the disease COVID-19 amounts to 91, of which:

59 men (65%), and

- 32 women (35%).

The average age of those who die from the disease is 78 years.

B. Patients:

In total, 125 patients of the disease are treated in the hospitals of OKYPY COVID-19, of which 28 in serious condition.

Of the 28 patients who are critical, 13 are intubated, one is admitted to the Intensive Care Unit and 14 to the Intensive Care Unit.

The situation in the hospitals is as follows:



Number of Patients

Famagusta (66 patients)

Intensive Care Unit


COVID chamber



(30 patients)

Intensive Care Unit

14 (1 out of ventilator)

COVID chamber


Intensive Care Unit



(29 patients)

COVID chamber


Intensive Care Unit


C. Molecular Test (PCR test): Of the 1,831 laboratory diagnoses performed today by the molecular method (PCR), 242 cases of the disease were identified and verified COVID-19, which emerged as follows:

  • 55 cases from 583 samples taken through the process of tracking contacts of already confirmed cases.
  • 23 cases from 677 samples taken through private initiative.
  • 14 cases from 145 samples taken from the Microbiological Laboratories of the General Hospitals.
  • 1 case from 212 samples taken under the program of referrals by Personal Physicians and control of special groups through the Public Health Clinics.
  • 149 cases from 155 samples taken for verification by the method of molecular examination of positive results detected by the rapid antigen test method in the previous days.

In addition, the following laboratory tests were performed without detecting a case:

  • 59 samples taken from the inhabitants of Kato Pyrgos Tillirias.

D. Antigen rapid test: From the 5,387 tests performed with the method of rapid antigen detection (rapid test), 180 positive results were obtained.

These 180 cases will be examined by the molecular PCR method, in order to be verified.

In detail, the rapid antigen test (rapid test) was performed today as follows:

ra1 Coronavirus

ra2 Coronavirus