CYPRUS: He made his house a greenhouse and cultivated hemp - Handcuffs at 44 years old

YKAN located more than 13 kilos of cannabis and 22 cannabis plants under cultivation

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A specially designed nursery with 22 cannabis plants under cultivation, in the house of a man, aged 44, and over 13 kilos of cannabis, was found yesterday by members of the Drug Control Service. The 44-year-old was arrested and detained for police purposes.

After relevant information and examinations, members of YKAN, shortly after 4.00 on Wednesday afternoon, stopped the 44-year-old on a street in Limassol, where he was driving.

A search of his vehicle turned up four kilos of cannabis and 140 grams of green dry cannabis plant material, resulting in the arrest of the 44-year-old for the self-inflicted crime of illegal drug possession.

A search of the suspect's residence followed, where YKAN members located in a room of the house, a specially arranged indoor greenhouse, with installed special lighting and ventilation systems, as well as 22 cultivated hemp plants, from 14 to 20 cm in height.

At the same time, a new large quantity of green dry cannabis plant material, weighing approximately 12 kilos and 300 grams, was found and confiscated, as well as the sum of 300 euros, and a large number of items, which were seized for examination.

A case is being investigated against the 44-year-old for possession and cultivation of cannabis plants, possession of drugs for the purpose of supplying to another person, and money laundering from illegal activities.

The Provincial Ladder of YKAN in Limassol is investigating.