CYPRUS: The long-awaited Toyota bZ4X arrives

It is expected very soon in Cyprus and is available for orders

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The new Toyota bZ4X, Toyota's first fully electric vehicle, arrives in Cyprus and is already available for order from € 46,700.

All versions of the uniquely innovative electric vehicle can be found in the pioneering service Toyota online car booking, through which those interested have the opportunity to pre-book online the version they want and be the first to receive the new Toyota bZ4X.


The new Toyota bZ4X provides the Ability to enjoy the highest electrical efficiency in the model category with simultaneous zero emissions. At the same time the extremely large response offers speed and torque adapted to all driving needs.

The new Toyota bZ4X is utilized fully low center of gravity, which in combination with the ideal balance of weight front and rear on the rigid part of the body, offers as a result to the driver incredible stability and unique handling.

The same facility is provided in the fantastic four-wheel drive capabilities of the model, as with the press of the xMODE button the various functions can be adjusted, so that the vehicle responds ideally on any terrain.

The Toyota bZ4X is designed to withstand all driving conditions and needs either in the snow or in mud with the ability to drive in extreme conditions (below 20 km / h), as well as with Grip Control for more demanding, except road, driving (less than 10 km / h). The model is uniquely easy to use, all-weather and ideal for any new travel adventure.


Making the most of Toyota's 25 years of battery technology experience, the Toyota bZ4X can deliver more than 450 km on a full charge - and with zero emissions.

Thanks to Toyota's progress and innovation in battery performance research, the Toyota bZ4X battery offers the best reliability and autonomy in the vehicle category, adapting perfectly to all weather conditions.

The range of battery capabilities is further enhanced by the optional installation of a solar panel roof.

The many charging options give the driver the ultimate sense of flexibility, as with the use of fast charging, in public stations the charging approaches 150 kW in just 25 minutes, while charging with a wall box at home or through a socket lasts 6,5 -19 hours.

Toyota's emphasis and persistence in quality provides the guarantee and confidence in terms of battery reliability, and even after 10 years of use, the battery is expected to operate at 90% of its original performance.


The new Toyota bZ4X gives the opportunity to explore a new world of multimedia and connectivity. With an extremely large 12-inch touch screen, advanced voice recognition and flexible smartphone integration, the Toyota Smart Connect offers a unique smart connectivity experience that is constantly updated and upgraded through over-the-air technology.

The MyT application on the smartphone enhances the freedom of controlling the battery level, as with the utilization of the application it is possible to program the charging start time, control the travel data, and even the remote control of the vehicle from the air conditioning setting up to the locking-unlocking of the doors.


Toyota bZ4X offers complete safety features in every trip and destination.

The new model is dominated by a sense of reliability and safety which includes the latest Toyota Safety Sense technology with Emergency Driving Assistance (DESA) and Over the Air Updates (OTA).

So, both for driving in urban areas and for off-road travel, with the new Toyota bZ4X, absolute safety is guaranteed.


Without any physical contact, without any delay and with absolute safety, those interested can book the new Toyota bZ4X online and with the support of the Toyota Cyprus team, proceed with ordering, without having to leave the comfort of their home.

The sale prices have been announced and Toyota Cyprus is already accepting the first orders.

All versions are exclusively available through the innovative Online Car Booking service.

Learn more and pre-book your Toyota bZ4X at the following link: