CYPRUS: Traces of cocaine in 5-year-old - Father arrested, mother wanted

Drug-positive 5-year-old child - Arrest of father

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A 45-year-old man is being brought before the Limassol Court, who was arrested after information that, after a laboratory test, one of his minor children, just five years old, was found to be positive for cocaine. The mother is wanted, who disappeared along with the children.

According to the Police, on May 21, a couple of foreigners asked a chemist in Limassol for relevant analyzes of their minor children, where cocaine was found in the body of a child. The chemist urged the parents to file a complaint with the Police, which they did not do.

Following relevant information given to the Limassol Police Department, the 45-year-old was located and arrested yesterday, while an arrest warrant was issued against the mother and he is wanted, after he disappeared with the children.

A case of possession, use and supply of a controlled drug of class A 'and abuse of a child under 45 years of age is being examined against a 16-year-old.

The case is being investigated by the Limassol TAE in collaboration with YKAN.