CYPRUS: Critically 59-year-old - She was abducted by a vehicle while trying to cross

The 59-year-old who was abducted by a vehicle was intubated at the General Hospital of Nicosia

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A 59-year-old resident of Nicosia, who was abducted in the morning by a passing vehicle in the center of the capital, is being treated in critical condition at the Nicosia General Hospital.

The accident happened around 7.40am. today, on Makarios C 'Avenue, in Nicosia. In the attempt of the 59-year-old to cross the road on foot, under conditions that are being investigated, she was abducted by a car, driven by a 26-year-old resident of Nicosia.

The 59-year-old was transported by ambulance to the General Hospital of Nicosia, where she was intubated and detained for treatment. According to the treating doctors, her health condition is described as critical.

The causes of the accident are being investigated by the Nicosia Traffic Police.