CYPRUS: Schoolgirl wins 1st world prize in competition for World Food Day

See the poster that won the 1st Prize

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A student of Aradippou High School won the 1st World Prize in the poster competition for the World Food Day, through the subject of Home Economics.

A written announcement states that "the participation of Aradippou High School in the context of this year's World Competition for the celebration of World Food Day with the theme" Our actions are our future - Better production, better nutrition, a better environment and a better life "was crowned with success. (Our actions are our future - Better production, better nutrition, better environment and better life) ".

Specifically, "the student Leoni Bella Vassiliou of C8 won the 1st World Prize in the category 13-15 years, which is a really very honorable position for Cyprus, Aradippou High School, her family and the Home Economics, education community but also the Cypriot society in general. This course promotes the development of a healthy lifestyle that aims to help students to develop healthy eating habits but also to acquire the relevant knowledge and skills, to make choices that improve health, promote well-being and prevent diseases and problems ".

The student in her poster explains that "in the center of the poster there is a seed, this little seed connects us all in one way or another. As we are all connected, together we can make a difference in creating a sustainable world. Educate our generation to buy local fresh produce, reduce waste, recycle, compost. "Together we can make a difference."

Aradippou High School expresses "warm congratulations to the student Leoni Bella Vassiliou as well as the Home Economics teacher Hara Mama-Olympiou who guided the student".

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