Cyprus: 1586 dead chickens - Frightened by earthquake and trampled

An incredible incident occurred due to the strong seismic vibration of 6.1 Richter - "Damage of thousands of euros"

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An incredible incident occurred in Paphos, due to the strong earthquake of 6.1 Richter, which occurred at 03:08 in the early hours of Tuesday causing disturbance. 

According to what Christos Loukaidis, owner of a poultry farm with egg-producing chickens in Kallepia, told KYPE, 1586 chickens he keeps, due to the fear caused by the earthquake in the early hours of the morning, were trampled on and died, most of them being taken to the hospital.

Mr. Loukaidis spoke of a loss of thousands of euros.

It is worth noting that the earthquake was centered in the sea area of ​​Cyprus, 50 kilometers west-northwest of Polis Chrysochous and a focal depth of 25 kilometers.

The earthquake was strongly felt throughout Cyprus, especially in the province of Paphos.

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