Cyprus: He was driving drunk without a license and collided with a cyclist

The 42-year-old cyclist was taken to a private clinic

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Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs has been the main cause of fatal road collisions in our country in the last four years. However, despite this tragic finding, which emerges from the traffic statistics, every day many drivers are found to be driving either having consumed large amounts of alcohol, or having used drugs, or having used both alcohol and drugs .

Last night, the members of the Police proceeded to report six drivers, who were found to be driving either under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of drugs. One of them, having in his body a multiple amount of alcohol, than the permitted limit, was involved in a road collision, which resulted in the minor injury of a cyclist. A second driver was arrested after he was found to have 16 times the legal limit of alcohol in his body.

The road collision happened around 8pm. yesterday, at the junction of Christodoulos Sozos and Agios Andreou streets, in Limassol. A car driven by a 33-year-old, against the one-way direction, under circumstances that are being investigated, collided with a bicycle, driven by a 42-year-old.

The 42-year-old cyclist was slightly injured in the collision. He was taken to a private clinic, where he received first aid and was discharged.

The 33-year-old driver of the car was tested for alcohol, with a lower final reading of 96µg%, instead of 9µg%, which is the legal limit. At the same time, from the continuation of the examinations, it was established that the 33-year-old was driving his vehicle, with a suspended learner's license and without being covered by an insurance certificate. As a result, the 33-year-old was arrested and taken into custody.

The Limassol Traffic Police is investigating the circumstances of the road collision.

A little while later, around 8.50pm, members of Team Z, of the Paphos Traffic Police, stopped a car moving on a Paphos road for a check. The driver of the vehicle was a 64-year-old resident of Pafos, who tested positive in a preliminary alcohol test.

He was driven to the facilities of the Paphos Traffic Police, where he underwent a final alcohol test, with a lower final reading of 152µg%, instead of 9µg%, since not three years have passed since the date of his driver's license suspension. The 64-year-old was accused in writing and will be summoned before the Court.

Paphos Traffic Police is investigating the case.

Drinking alcoholic beverages or using drugs before driving reduces the driver's ability to concentrate, while increasing his reaction time to any possible danger. Thus, the risk of his involvement in a road collision increases dramatically, threatening both his own safety and the safety of other road users.

For this reason, the Police continues its daily checks, throughout the road network of Cyprus, to identify drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs and to remove them from the road.