CYPRUS: Over half a million tests - ICU data and how many have recovered

The data resulting from the National Report

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More than half a million tests were conducted by November 16 in Cyprus. In the context of the presentation of the national report that took place on Friday, November 20, the data of our country were recorded.

More specifically, until November 16, 538.382 diagnostic tests were performed. In the last 14 days, 48.725 diagnostic tests were performed.

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Out of 2.366 cases in the last 14 days, there are clinical data for 93.5% of which 33% reported no symptoms while 67% reported at least one symptom.

Underlying diseases

The Ministry presented the data of the last 14 days for 2.212 incidents. Of these 571 individuals reported at least 1 underlying disease.

Admissions to ICU

Regarding the admission of patients to the Intensive Care Units, until November 16, a total of 6,3% (n = 460) of cases COVID-19 received hospital treatment. The median age of the hospitalized persons is 62 years (Intra-quadrant range: 47-75 years). Hospital care was mainly for men (n = 279, 60,7%).

The median age of the patients who are still hospitalized (n = 80) is 72 years (End-quarter range: 60-80 years) and 68,8% (n = 55) concerns men. 53,8% (n = 43) concern patients from the province of Limassol while 49 people (70%) reported underlying diseases.

In total, 48 patients (10,4% of the total number of patients) were admitted to Intensive Care Units (ICU3). The median age of individuals admitted to the ICU is 66,5 years (Intra-quadrant range: 58,5-74,5 years). The patients in the ICU are mainly men (n = 37, 77%). The median length of stay in the ICU (for all 48 patients admitted to the ICU) is 10 days (Intra-quadrant range: 6-27,5 days).

On November 17, 10 patients were in the ICU. The median age of these patients is 68,5 years (Endothelial range: 64-72 years). 100% of the cases concern men. Eight out of ten people (80%) in the ICU had underlying diseases.

The number of patients currently in the ICU per 100.000 inhabitants is 1,1.

Of the 48 patients admitted to the ICU, 44 (87,5%) were intubated and seven are still intubated (as of November 16).


Recovery (clinical picture without symptoms with a negative result in two examinations after the first positive or 21 days after the diagnosis)
By November 17, 28,3% (n = 2.055 of incidents COVID-19 have recovered4 - 1.310 (63,7%) had a negative result in two tests after the first positive and for 745 (36,3%) people 21 days have passed since the diagnosis (new instructions) 5.

The median time between the second negative result and the first sampling for the diagnosis of COVID-19 is 19 days (End-quarter range: 18-30 days). More information on people who meet the recovery criteria will be available in the next report.

Source: Sigmalive