Cyprus: "Abandoned eight children with special needs"

"Most children have a problem even going to the toilet, so you realize the problem that is created"

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Recipient of serious complaints that children with special needs attending a special unit at the 5th Primary School of Limassol have been left to the mercy of God, became Phileleftheros.

As claimed by affected person, in this unit eight children of different ages, who face special problems, participate. The same person maintains that although assurances were given that there would be at least three attendants pthe unit, however these children "have no help and are abandoned".

Characteristically, we were told: "Dthere is no permanent chaperone since the beginning of the school year. The parents rely only on the good mood of the teacher of the special unit and an escort, who performs duties in another area and is called upon to provide solutions. Most children have a problem even going to the toilet, so you realize the problem that is being created."

Within yesterday we put the complaints that were made to us before his competent people Ministry of Education. After the issue was first investigated, we were informed by the Limassol Provincial Office of Education (Directorate of Primary Education) that there is indeed an issue, for which actions are being taken in order to be addressed.

We were also told that the case has been preoccupying competent officials since last week, while the assurance was given that "tomorrow (so today) morning an escort will take over duties". At the same time, according to what has been said, the whole matter will be settled in a way that will satisfy the parents as well.

It was also indicated to us that on the part of the MinistrySeveral measures have been taken to support children who face special circumstances, referring to the establishment of an Immediate Intervention Team, which consists of staff who are able to handle special incidents with students.

Besides, the Ministry of Education put forward the position to "F", that the parents are right and that "the Ministry will do what is necessary to resolve such issues". He also mentioned the hiring of 96 people on September 6, who will perform escort duties throughout Cyprus.

Source: Liberal