CYPRUS: Five minors in the hospital after a party and alcohol consumption

Complaints about reckless use of alcohol by young people


Five minors aged 15-16 ended up in the hospital with intoxication symptoms in the early hours of last Saturday after a Halloween party.

According to the police, a call was received half an hour after midnight on Friday by a citizen who complained of harassment in an area of ​​Limassol by young people who were having a party at home. By the time police arrived at the scene the party was over, however police were informed that ambulances had been called to the area and had picked up drunken youths outdoors in the area.

According to the police, the owners of the house where the party took place, had not been given alcohol and the young people who were drunk in the open air and who were among the guests, had not consumed alcohol inside the house.

It should be noted that a father, whose child was invited to the party in question, complains that drugs and alcohol were used by minors.

However, the worst was avoided, since as we are informed, the children, after a short stay in the hospital for treatment, were discharged and are fine.