CYPRUS: Who can be vaccinated with the 3rd dose - The procedure

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Despite the decision and the start of vaccination of specific groups of people with 3η dose of vaccine against COVID-19, The goal of the Vaccination Program remains the initial vaccination of the entire population over 12 years of age..

The vaccination groups that will be able to receive as a priority and 3η at this stage, have been determined by the Council of Ministers and relate to:

i. Residents and employees in nursing homes

ii. People over 65 years old

iii. Health professionals

iv. People in immunosuppression / with immunodeficiency

The administration of 3th based on existing data relates to people who have completed their two-dose vaccination program (people who have been vaccinated with the Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccine). Booster dose does not apply to people who have received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. The 3η dose will be administered six (6) months after the completion of the vaccination of these individuals with 2η dose - ie six months after administration of bothth dose.

Exceptions are people receiving immunosuppressive therapy. In these cases, 3η dose will be administered at least four (4) weeks after completion of vaccination with 2η dose and in such a way that it does not coincide with the time of administration of the immunosuppressive therapy and according to the instructions of their treating physician.

Vaccination of persons who will be given priority vaccination with 3η dose will be done gradually and based on the possibilities regarding the vaccination process. Vaccination is possible in more than one group at a time. For each of the above groups, the procedure followed during their initial vaccination will be followed as a basic principle. Specifically:

      i.         Residents and employees of nursing homes:

With mobile units that will visit the nursing homes after consultation with the Heads of Health Visitors of each Province.

    ii.         People over the age of 65:

By arranging an appointment through the Vaccination Portal of the Ministry of Health. The opportunity for every age will be given gradually, starting from the older ages. The time of the start of the appointment process through the Vaccination Portal, as well as the ages that will concern each case, will be announced at a later stage.

For persons aged 65 and under, it should be noted that eligibility should be granted 3th vaccine dose gradually, at a later stage, after the implementation of 1th decision of the Council of Ministers, in accordance with the procedures followed in the other Member States of the European Union

   iii.         Health professionals:

Vaccination by appointment by groups of health professionals, health infrastructure, etc. In terms of health infrastructure, priority (if there is such a need) will be given to people working in hospitals or wards with patients COVID-19, and in all ICUs, TAEP and Ambulance Departments (regardless of COVID treatment). The administration of 3th dose will be given in hospitals in the same way as the initial vaccination.

   iv.         People with immunosuppression / immunodeficiency:

They concern the following groups of patients:

  • In active treatment for solid tumors and hematological malignancies
  • With a history of solid organ transplantation receiving immunosuppressive therapy
  • With a history of primary hematopoietic organ transplantation receiving immunosuppressive therapy
  • People with inherited immune deficiency
  • People with HIV / AIDS
  • Individuals on immunosuppressive therapy including biological agents. Regarding cortisone, it refers to people who have received or are receiving a total dose of> 10 mg prednisone / day (= 8 mg methylprednisolone) for 1 month in the last six months.

The vaccination of the persons mentioned in point (iv) above will be done gradually, after a telephone appointment.