Cyprus: Touching graffiti "Don't look for peace, he was killed"

Touching graffiti in old Nicosia: "Don't look for peace, it was killed"

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With a graffiti, the Cypriot artist Christos Kakoullis (CRS) captures the tragic situation that prevails with the war, on the occasion of the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Among other things, he states that "have we ever wondered what is becoming of our world?" War on one side, war on the other, poverty, hunger, refugees, killings, dead children.

Where is this white dove that we were taught at school, that held an olive branch in its mouth and traveled to all countries bringing peace and love?

Where should it be?

It is dead in some part of the earth, where children die from bombings and bullets. It is where young people sacrifice themselves for a piece of land.

There dead with his wings bunched up and his red blood everywhere, laboriously holding the olive branch in his mouth. A young man killed him, moved by his elders for the superiority of his race.

Seek not peace, slain on the field of battle, our world never the same and the dove dead.

This street art was made at 5:00 in the morning in the old city of Nicosia, inside the walls, in a gallery, on 17/10/2023 a few days before Israel's ground intervention in Gaza, and days after Russia's ground intervention in Ukraine".

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