CYPRUS: Most cases in 18-30 year olds - The percentage of the population that completed the vaccination

The data announced by the Ministry of Health

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Close to the initial target set for vaccination coverage with 1η vaccine dose of 65% of the population within the first half of 2021, is Cyprus. Specifically, until June 17, vaccinated with 1η dose 61,8% of the population and at the same time, 42,9% completed their vaccination regimen. In the context of efforts to shield as large a percentage of the population as possible COVID-19, The Vaccination Portal opened this morning for all people aged 18 and over and will remain open for the next period, with the availability of vaccines at the base of deliveries.

In Cyprus, although the first target of 65% vaccination coverage with at least 1η dose of the vaccine is achieved, the need for greater shielding of Public Health and the population still exists. As found in National Report, is now observed a shift in relation to diagnoses at younger ages, where the rate of vaccination coverage remains lower.

Characteristic of the protection offered by the vaccine is the fact that in people aged 50 and over, where vaccination coverage has reached a fairly high level, the incidence rate is in single digits, having recorded a dramatic decrease in recent months, when the vaccination program proceeded. Indicatively, only 5% of cases in the period 1-16 June are aged 65 and over. On the contrary, the highest percentage of cases detected in the same period (24%), fall into the age group of 18-30, in which vaccination coverage is low.

In general, in recent weeks there has been a very high percentage of unvaccinated cases, but also people who show more serious symptoms and are admitted to the hospital for treatment. Indicatively, from the data of the Ministry of Health, it is ascertained that only 3% of domestic cases have completed their vaccination, with the percentage of positive incidents that have not received even 1η vaccine dose to be approximately 96%.

In addition to, 80% of symptomatic cases have no history of vaccination. On the other side, only two of the cases developed symptoms while completing their vaccination regimen.

At the same time, data from inpatients confirm the findings regarding the protection offered by vaccination. The period from 1η June to 16 June, less than 1% had received only 1η vaccine doseThe importance of vaccination for the protection of health is also proved by the fact that  none of the patients were fully vaccinated.

Although nationwide, epidemiological indicators have stabilized, with efforts focusing on maintaining the improved image in recent days, albeit to a limited extent, There is an increase in the number of cases and the percentage of positivity in the Limassol District. In addition, it is located the presence of fragments of the virus with a slight upward trend in the sewage of Limassol, a fact that draws attention to the control of the possibility of a new outbreak in the Province.

In order to prevent a new outbreak of either Cypriot or local level, given the resumption of economic and social activity, requires the commitment of society as a whole to the observance of personal protection measures. At the same time, taking into account that what is observed internationally is being verified in our country as well, that is the higher the vaccination coverage, the lower the number of diagnoses and treatments, are encouraged citizens who have not already been vaccinated should make an appointment for a vaccination, preventing the spread of new executives in the community and protecting their health and the health of their loved ones.