CYPRUS: He was shot in the face because he parked outside his house

The Police are investigating an attempted murder - 31-year-old in the hospital

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The Paphos Crime Investigation Department is investigating a case of attempted murder, involving a 31-year-old male victim, which was committed this morning in a village in the district of Paphos.

According to the data under investigation, around 5.30:31 in the morning, the XNUMX-year-old man, who was returning from a night out, had parked his vehicle outside his home, which is located in a village in the district of Pafos.

At the same time, outside the 31-year-old's house, a car driven by a 34-year-old man stopped, who, using a shotgun, shot the 31-year-old twice.

Relatives of the victim, after the shootings, managed to immobilize the perpetrator, who was later arrested on a warrant.

The injured person was first taken to the Paphos General Hospital and then to the Nicosia General Hospital, where he was detained for treatment.

His health condition is judged by the treating doctors as serious.

TAE Paphos continues the exams.