Cyprus: They tricked a priest and stole money from a church account

telefoniki apati

New pretexts are invented by the shrewd to deceive and extort money from unsuspecting citizens. Strangers call citizens and under various pretexts, try to extort money or bank account information.

According to a complaint, made a while ago to the Police, a priest received a phone call, on the phone of the church where he is on duty, from an unknown person. The stranger, under the pretext that a woman who died in a foreign country, left a certain amount of money as an inheritance to the church in question, asked the complainant for bank account details to transfer the money.

The priest was convinced and gave the requested information, as a result of which money was lost from that account shortly after.

On the occasion of this specific incident, the Police once again call on the public to be especially careful and cautious. Not to easily trust unknown persons and not to respond to whatever may be asked of them in telephone calls.