Larnaca: 44-year-old jailed for beating a woman who was holding an infant

A 44-year-old man was sentenced to eight months in prison for beating a woman who was holding a baby

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The Larnaca District Court today sentenced a 44-year-old man to eight months in prison after he was found guilty of beating a 29-year-old Congolese woman who was holding her baby last July.

According to the Police, the 44-year-old was found guilty of 4 charges, namely assault and causing actual harm to the 29-year-old, combating certain forms of racism and xenophobia, public insult and possession of an offensive instrument.

It is recalled that the incident occurred around 18.30 on the evening of Wednesday 13 July 2022 and as soon as information was received, Force patrols went to the scene where they found a number of people gathered.

Around the same period of time, a woman with her infant went to the Minor Offenses Department of the Larnaca Police Department, who reported that she had been attacked by a person at that particular spot.

The complainant, reporting the case, stated that she had gone to the home of the then 44-year-old man, to ask for the money back for a defective car he sold her, and that the man came down from the apartment building where he lives in the Larnaca port area and after insulting her, kicked her in the back and punched her, as she had her baby in her arms.

Following instructions from the Police, the woman went to the Famagusta General Hospital, since she lives in that province and was examined by a doctor, who found that she had bruises on various parts of her body and after receiving medical treatment, she was dismissed.

The 44-year-old suspect, as soon as he realized that he was wanted by the Police, went himself to the Larnaca Police Station, where he surrendered, while making some allegations.

In particular, the 44-year-old reported to the Police that he had sold a car to this woman, who met with him and asked him for her money back since, as he claimed, the vehicle had presented some damage. In his testimony, the suspect stated that he would give the money to the woman, after first returning the car to him.

It is noted that the suspect answered "no admission" to the ten charges brought against him by the Prosecuting Authority.