Larnaca: In custody three persons who tried to destroy a house with explosives

The Larnaca District Court today issued a seven-day detention order

dikastirio 2 Court, Larnaca

The District Court of Larnaca today issued a seven-day detention order against three persons aged 32, 46 and 50, to facilitate the Police's investigations regarding an investigated case involving conspiracy to commit a felony, extortion, demanding money with threats for the purpose of theft and attempted destruction of property with explosives.

The offenses were committed on April 30, at a residence in the province of Larnaca.

In a statement by the Police, it is stated that "the three persons were arrested on the evening of Tuesday, May 7, with judicial arrest warrants and were taken into custody, to facilitate the investigations".

Today the three persons were brought before the District Court of Larnaca which issued a detention order against them for seven days.

The case is being investigated by the Anti-Crime Department of the Police Headquarters.

Source: KYPE