26 Public Summer Schools have been operating since June 58

The Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth announced the launch of the "Public Summer Schools" Program

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The Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth (YPAN) announced the launch of the "Public Summer Schools" Program, noting that their long-term goal is to offer opportunities for learning and creative employment, especially to children from vulnerable population groups.

During this year, 58 schools will operate as TDS, of which 37 Primary Schools and 21 Kindergartens, covering all five provinces of Cyprus, as well as the mountainous communities. The period of operation of the TDS is from June 26, 2023 until July 28, 2023.

The Ministry of Education, taking into account the needs of the society, has expanded the Program of the TDS, both in the number of schools and in their hours of operation (extension of hours until 16:00) is stated in a related announcement.

It is added that for the third school year, during the operation of the TDS, the Greek language learning program will continue to be offered to children with an immigrant background. Refugee children from Ukraine will also be able to participate in the above program this year.

The TDS Program is offered free of charge to all children and parents contribute financially only to cover the cost of feeding the children who have chosen to study in the afternoon zone of the TDS, the announcement states.

In order to meet the operational needs of the TDAs, primary, pre-primary and special education teachers will be employed, while for the needs of special education children, a number of school attendants/helpers will be employed.

According to the announcement, a very well-organized educational program of creative activities, which are interwoven with the interests and different abilities and needs of the children, is implemented in the TDS. The Analytical Program of the TDAs includes creative activities, such as Visual Expression, Music, Theater, Physical Education, Life Education with topics related to the summer season, indoor and outdoor games, Puppet Theater, Reading/Library, etc.

Source: KYPE