Limassol: Handcuffs in seven for the incidents - Police injuries and vehicle damage

Violent incidents with protesters against the measures for the coronavirus, 5G and corruption


Serious incidents, with police injuries and vehicle damage, occurred last night in Limassol, when hooded men threw flares and stones, during a public protest. Seven young people have been arrested and more are wanted.

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The demonstration and protest march, against corruption and restrictive measures, was organized through social media, gathering hundreds of citizens in the area of ​​the Landfill and the Air Force.

At one point, people allegedly unrelated to the protesters began throwing stones and flares at police in the area and setting fire to rubbish bins.

As a result, four MMAD members and a firefighter were injured, while a police vehicle was engulfed in flames and completely destroyed. Damage was caused to three other police vehicles and four civilian vehicles.

The citizens' protest ended normally with songs and speeches, while the members of the Police carried out searches in the surrounding area to locate the people who caused the incidents.

By midnight, seven young people, aged between 15 and 22, had been arrested and taken to the Limassol Police Department for questioning and are expected to be brought to court in the morning.

Police investigations are continuing to locate other people who participated in the incidents.