Limassol: This is where the armed robbery took place - They broke the glass of the vehicle with a pistol

They broke the glass of the vehicle with a pistol and robbed the driver

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The Police in Limassol were mobilized at noon, to locate three persons, who allegedly robbed a 55-year-old car driver, a hotel worker, who was carrying a large sum of money for deposit in a bank.

According to the Police, the incident occurred shortly after 12 noon, on the Nicosia - Limassol bypass road, at the height of the Chapel, heading towards Limassol.

As the deputy press representative of ADE Limassol, Marinos Vassiliou, stated in his statements, one vehicle stopped the car's course, while another stopped behind it.

The driver of the front car got out and broke the glass of the 55-year-old's vehicle door with a pistol, while at gunpoint he grabbed the victim's money bag, vehicle keys, and mobile phone.

The perpetrators then left the scene, while the 55-year-old asked for help from a passer-by to call the Police, who cordoned off the scene and are conducting an investigation.

According to Mr. Vasiliou, the perpetrators were three, they were in rental vehicles, they wore surgical masks and the one who threatened the 55-year-old spoke broken Greek.

"All possibilities are being investigated, as well as the possibility that they knew the route and the habit that the hotel company had for transferring and depositing the money in a specific banking institution," he added.

Examinations continue in an attempt to identify the perpetrators and the amount of money estimated at several tens of thousands of euros.

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