Limassol: An attack on a mosque is reported in the occupied territories

They condemn the occupied slogans on a wall

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"Ypex" and "department of Waqfs" in the occupied territories condemned the attack - which they claim - took place at the Arnaut mosque in Limassol.

The issue was first highlighted yesterday by the "endowments department" by issuing a relevant written statement and releasing photos from the mosque where it appears that football slogans were written on the wall of the garden and the mosque.

The announcement states that there is concern over the increase in attacks on Muslim places of worship in "southern Cyprus" in recent years. "In all the work we do, we respect all beliefs, regardless of language, religion or race," it added.

The resolution of the "provocative attacks" that occur frequently is requested as soon as possible, it is stated, while an appeal is made to the competent authorities to immediately identify those involved in the incident.

On Wednesday night, in its own announcement, the "yupex" claims that this type of ongoing attacks on the Y/K ​​side is the expression of "racist mentality and intolerance towards Turkish and Islamic existence".

In the announcement, the claim is made that the Y/C side left "unpunished" the attacks on the mosques in the "south" and "for this reason the crimes were repeated". He requests that the perpetrators be identified and punished as soon as possible.

The attack, he writes, on the Arnaut Mosque cannot be interpreted independently of what happened to many historic mosques, such as the Kioproulou Mosque, the Great Mosque of Larnaca and the Mosque in Denia.

Despite the tolerance shown by the pseudo-state to the freedom of religion and worship of the Greek Cypriots, it is added in the "yepex" announcement, there is a limitation of the religious freedoms of "our citizens". "The frequent attacks on our mosques over the years and the impunity for these attacks clearly reveal the difference in vision between the two sides, the tolerance for religious freedoms and the imbalance in the two sides' approach to the issue," the statement continued.

"We call on the Greek Cypriot administration" - as stated in the Government of the Republic of Cyprus - "not to let this attack on our cultural and religious heritage go unpunished, to identify and punish the perpetrators of the attack as soon as possible and to take all necessary measures to to prevent the recurrence of such attacks," he concludes.