Liopetri: Announcement of the position of school attendant

Announcement of the position of school attendant by the school ephorate of Liopetriou - All information

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The School Ephorate of Liopetriou announces that it is accepting applications from interested parties to fill one position of School Assistant/Accompanier at the Special School of Apostolos Varnavas and one position at the Elementary School of Liopetriou A΄.

• Graduate
• Diploma of higher educational institutions in special education, kindergarten teacher, psychology, nursing, social worker or other related to her/his work will be considered as an additional qualification.
• Be healthy as per the relevant certificate from a Government doctor.
• First and second degree relatives of the children to be served are excluded.
Those interested can apply to the School Board of Liopetriou which is housed in the Primary School of Liopetriou A΄ (phone number 23942167) from 22/09/2023 to secure the relevant expression of interest application for the position.
All applications should be submitted to the School Ephorate of Liopetriou, no later than 28/09/2023.