The 12-month-old boy in Makareio is fighting for his life

Critical in the next 24 hours

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The 12-month-old boy, who has been hospitalized for a few days in the Intensive Care Unit of Makareio Hospital, continues to fight for his life, as he presented a late complication due to a coronary artery. His state of health, although stable, remains critical.

According to the Director of the Pediatric Clinic of Makareio Hospital, Dr. Abraham Elias, the next 24 hours are considered critical for the outcome of his health.

It is recalled that the coronavirus complication presented by the child is called MIS-C syndrome. It is a late complication of coronavirus disease that occurs two to six weeks after illness. The child usually has the disease asymptomatically. After this period of time in the case of the syndrome, he suddenly develops a high fever, affected general condition or rashes on the extremities.

Source: Omegalive