Scams are a scourge on elderly people - "Mom, whatever they say to you, let me escape"

He told her that her daughter hit a baby with a car and killed him - The alleged cop asked for 70 thousand to cover it up

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There has been no end in recent times to frauds against elderly people with the aim of grabbing large sums of money from them. A citizen reported to SigmaLive that the vigilantes approached two of his relatives.

More specifically, the two incidents concern vigilantes who impersonate the police asking for money to cover an alleged accident that has happened to someone close to the "victim". This scam happened last Wednesday to two women who were in a state of shock and horror after the phone scam.

The two incidents were similar in that both cases involved elderly women as recipients of their daughter's alleged accident. In the first case, they asked the elderly woman for the amount of 80 thousand to cover medical services due to the accident. In the second case, there was a girl on the phone line pretending to be the old woman's daughter and screaming in panic, the "doctor" answered the phone saying that she had broken two teeth and was in the hospital. Then a third person who impersonated the policeman got on the phone telling her not to talk or say anything to anyone, then he told her that her daughter hit a baby with a car and killed him and to give them 70k to fix it cover the "policeman". Then the "daughter" of the victim called again and said "mom, what are they telling you, let me escape".

All this was done in a very short time and with hasty movements so that the victim could not think rationally. Fortunately, in both phone scam cases the victims, elderly women, quickly learned that it was a scam.

Finally, the witness reported that the elderly women were in a bad state, close to fainting after learning that it was a phone scam, adding "It could have turned out very differently."