The new school year begins with mobile units in Middle schools

The new school year begins with mobile units in Middle schools

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Mobile sampling units for rapid antigen tests will visit from Wednesday, September 8, at the beginning of the school year, Secondary schools to conduct tests on students who wish. The aim is to facilitate students to secure SafePass, but also the timely detection of cases in the student community, thus ensuring the safest possible operation of schools with physical presence.

The Ministry of Health, in consultation with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, has prepared and notified to the schools a program, based on which the mobile units will be in rotation every 72 hours in Gymnasiums and Lyceums in all Provinces. In addition, on weekends, sampling points will be reinforced with workshops to provide faster and hassle-free service to students who need to own a SafePass.

It is emphasized that the mobile units that will visit the secondary schools will serve exclusively the students (12-17 years old). It is reminded that students must first submit the Consent Form completed and signed by the parents / legal guardians.

Teachers and other school staff who do not have a vaccination or recovery certificate will not be served by mobile schools and for SafePass purposes, these individuals must have a negative 72-hour PCR or rapid test from private clinical laboratories or pharmacies, at their own expense.