The son of the 43-year-old who "left" in the First Aid complains of medical negligence with tears in his eyes (VIDEO)

The 43-year-old's son describes with tears the ten dramatic minutes in TAEP

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The son of the 43-year-old mother of six children, Maria Axiou, who “passed away” last Friday at the Larnaca General Hospital, waiting for a doctor to examine the tragic events that took place in the hospital until the death of the woman, described with tears in the Alpha Alpha show.

Zacharias Axiou reported that his mother was taken to the hospital by his brother and father, who initially found that he had a blood pressure of 20. When they arrived at the hospital, the deceased and her husband got out of the vehicle and headed to the TAEP, while their son parked the vehicle. Before they entered the hospital, a person asked them for a SafePass, which the husband replied that they owned and that he would present to him later, citing the serious condition of his wife.

Mr. Axiou claims that a doctor told his father that he must first complete the registration process of the 43-year-old and then examine his mother, with the result that the woman was waiting in the waiting room. The son noted that his father had repeatedly asked the doctor to examine the woman, without response. He said that at some point his father saw his mother holding her breast and trying to get up, causing her to fall unconscious, face down on the floor.

The deceased's son said that his father himself tried to give first aid to his mother inside the TAEP, opening her mouth and trying to hold her tongue. According to Mr. Axiou, the whole incident lasted about ten minutes and seems to have taken place in front of the eyes of other patients who were also calling for help.