This particular club has a homophobic history - What does the owner claim about the incident

The Human Rights Protection Commissioner will immediately start an investigation

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The incident with the expulsion of a homosexual couple from a club has caused strong reactions. In a post, Accept - LGBTI Cyprus states that the couple was kicked out on Saturday night from a nightclub in Limassol because of a kiss.

The post

Yesterday we were informed that a gay couple was kicked out of RetroClub Metropole because of a kiss. In a telephone conversation we had with the club, we were informed that straight kisses are allowed.

Such an incident of clear discrimination is not the 1st that has come to our hands. Mainly the club in question and other entertainment centers and private businesses are homotransphobic.

On the occasion of this incident, we would like to inform our people that in such cases, where there is no violence, they should be referred to the Commissioner for the Administration and Protection of Human Rightsn, where according to the Discrimination Act on grounds of sexual orientation (2004), he must check .

At the same time, we urge the people of our community to avoid such places with a history of homotransphobia and to prefer lgbtq friendly places of entertainment and hospitality.

The owner's claims and confirmation of the incident

In a statement, the owner of the club confirmed that the couple were kicked out claiming that they were in danger from other customers. According to his words, the couple was deviating, while he described their actions as obscene without clarifying what he meant.

In detail his statements:

"I have owned this store for almost 15 years. They all come without exception but when someone deviates it doesn't matter if they are gay or straight. The particular couple was sitting at the bar and was diverting with obscene movements, gestures, exchanging kisses. They did obscene things," said Mr. Giorgos Kontopoulos.

Although he was not present that night, the couple were reportedly at risk from protesting customers, prompting security to ask them to finish their drinks and leave.

"It happened other times in the past that we took people out. When someone deviates we must proceed with this movement. 10-15% of our clients are gay, no problem, but by all means, they got away. If it was a gay club, I'd accept it, but once they deviated, they were in danger."

There is a history with this particular club

Speaking with the Vice President of Accept - LGBTI Cyprus, he told us that similar homophobic incidents have occurred in the past in this nightclub. The vice president's position is reinforced by a comment on the post which states, "It is not the first time something like this has happened and the strange thing is that this particular club is always full of gays. They are homophobic, especially the security guards, since they didn't let a friend of mine in. Needless to say, the administration's response is stupid, since it's easy to blame the crowd rather than take responsibility for openly condemning gays. Hypocrisy at its finest."

The Office of the Commissioner for Administration and Protection of Human Rights is investigating

In communication with the Commissioner for Administration and Protection of Human Rights Ms. Maria Stylianou-Lottidis, we were informed that two complaints have already been submitted and the office will immediately begin their investigation. One of the two complaints came from one of the two directly affected and the second from a patron of the night club.