With a gun and... a mobile phone, the hunters' raid on Sunday - All the information

Mandatory reporting of all catches – Step by step process – What about those who do not have “smart phones”

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The Game and Wildlife Service in a statement calls on the hunters who will set out on Sunday 20/8/2023, "to observe all the written and unwritten laws of hunting, to show the necessary respect to their colleagues and to the foreign properties that will host them and to remind that the recording of the harvest, through the Artemis Cy application, is mandatory for all game in all hunting seasons".

The announcement states that "through the mandatory recording of the fruiting, our Service will be given the opportunity to collect more correct and accurate data in order to use them for the better management of all game, the data will not be disputed while at the same time it will be a weapon for the defense of hunting activity in Cyprus".

Regarding the fruiting registration process, through the Artemis Cy application it is clarified that:

• The Artemis Cy application should be updated to display the new menu.

• The recording of the fruiting of woodpeckers and palm doves, for each bird that is hunted, should be done directly from the point of application called "PDA Regulation".

• For all other game, the capture should be recorded from the point of the application called "Game". The declaration of the harvest must be made before the hunter boards a means of transport either for the purpose of moving to another hunting area or due to the completion of his hunting trip.

Hunters who do not have access to the Artemis Cy app (i.e. do not have a smart phone), can contact another person they trust, who will have access to the Artemis Cy app, to record all of the above, with their the required information, i.e. the person who will record the harvest, should enter the application as a hunter and enter the number of the hunting license and the ID number of the person who requested it.

In exceptional cases where the above is not possible, the hunter can send a text message (sms) stating the ID number, the game, the number of game he hunted and if they are young ( N) or adult (E).

Example text message

ADT 000000 Phase 1 N or E

The text message (sms) should be sent to the following phones:

Nicosia: 99201081 & 99201231

Limassol: 99201258 & 99201503

Paphos: 99201946 & 99202286

Larnaca / Famagusta: 99202463 & 99203228

Along with the above, hunters are urged to observe the following in all their excursions in order to avoid unpleasant phenomena:

• Avoid exposure to the sun for a long time.

• Dress in light clothing.

• To use a hat and glasses that protect the eyes from the strong reflection of the sun.

• Drink plenty of fluids (water and fruit juices).

• Avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

• Plan in advance the course and area they will hunt and give themselves enough time to approach the area they will hunt or return back to their car.

• Avoid hunting alone and always let another person know the exact spot where they will hunt.

• To plan in advance how to act or who to contact in the event of an unpleasant incident.

It is pointed out that lighting fires in non-designated areas is prohibited since it is very dangerous to cause a fire in the prevailing weather conditions.

Finally, hunters are invited, before setting out, to carefully study the permitted hunting areas (through the Artemis Cy application and the relevant maps) and to immediately report any illegality they find to the Service's mobile phones below or to the Police at 1414.

Nicosia 99445697

Limassol 99445728

Larnaca / Famagusta 99634325

Paphos 99445679