September begins with rain - The weather in the next few days (VIDEO)

September comes with rain

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The Director of the Meteorological Service Kleanthis Nicolaidis, a guest on Mesimeri and Kati, spoke about the weather in the coming days and the danger of the sun in Cyprus.

He initially mentioned that the sun of Cyprus has become extremely dangerous since today, for example, the UV index is at the levels it is and especially in the months of July and August it is even higher, then it is not a "friendly" sun.

"Climatically speaking, September is not significantly different from the summer months, which is why in the last 20-30 years it has also behaved like a summer month. In Cyprus we call it the summer of the lazy," he said.

He noted that the situation does not change noticeably from the summer but there may be episodes of localized rain on Sunday and Monday as well as next weekend but they are not claims rains or first rains.

Source: Sigmalive