Until August 21, the 2nd period of submitting applications to APKY

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The 2nd application period for distance learning at the Open University of Cyprus (OCK) for the academic year 2024-2025 began on July 10 and ends on August 21, 2024.

As stated in an announcement issued by APKY, the three Faculties of the University cover the scientific areas of Humanities and Social Sciences, Positive and Applied Sciences and Economic Sciences and Management and offer four (4) Undergraduate and 21 Master's Degree Programs in cutting-edge fields , in Greek and English.

"In the context of Lifelong Learning, all the Thematic Modules (courses) of the study programs are also offered as independent-self-contained, so that each interested person can follow them without being required to study in an integrated program", it is noted.

"The Open University of Cyprus, with more than 20 years of specialization in distance education, utilizes modern technologies for the benefit of education, providing everyone interested with the valuable opportunity to study from their personal space, at their own learning pace, in the time they may dispose of due to his various other obligations,” it added.

It is pointed out that "at APKY, students study with innovative teaching and learning methods, with continuous and meaningful interaction with knowledgeable and prestigious academic staff. All educational procedures, including exams, are conducted remotely."

As far as Greece is concerned, the degrees of the Open University of Cyprus are recognized based on the procedures and criteria of D.O.A.T.A.P., states the announcement. "Taking into account the socio-economic conditions, its public nature and with the aim of providing an inclusive education, APKY keeps the cost of study particularly affordable and supports groups of students with fewer opportunities, such as the unemployed, people with special needs, those with many children, single-parent families, etc., providing significant tuition reductions (from 10% to a full exemption)", it is underlined.

In addition, a 7% discount is provided to those students who pay in full the cost of the Thematic Units they will choose for the academic year 2024-2025 within specific time frames.

Admission applications for the academic year 2024-2025 are submitted online through the APKY website www.ouc.ac.cy, where detailed information is provided on all study programs and educational methodology. Those interested can contact the call center at +357 22411600 / 711 and at admissions@ouc.ac.cy.

Source: KYPE